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  • Pinot Noir Shiraz Murray Darling, Australia

    Winexpert LE21

    Ready in 6 weeks

    available December 2021

    Murray Darling is named for two of Australia’s longest rivers, which run through the vast region and provide vital irrigation.  The region is hot and dry, with long sunny days balanced by cool nights.  The loamy and sandy soils are unique to Murray River system and nourish strong vines.  Together the heat, river and soils produce grapes which create soft and flavorful wines.


    Pinot Noir and Shiraz may seem like an odd couple, but this uniquely Australian blend has a noble history and is currently making a resurgence.  Mixed berry, floral and soft spice aromas open a vibrant palate of soft cherry and red fruit flavors with undertones of dark plum, blueberry, light licorice and spice.  Silky tannins and bright acidity this juicy and energetic blend

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